"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of each individual"

Navayuga Infotech believes in this and makes every effort to keep the morale of each one of us in high spirits and enable each one of us to give our best through participative, innovative and competitive approaches.

In order to ensure a sustainable & conducive working atmosphere, we have initiated this employee satisfaction survey as a small step.

The main objectives are:
  1. To make the workplace more effective and productive.

  2. To understand the level of the involvement of Project Manager(s) with their respective team members.

  3. To know level of information flow related to your task and project.

  4. To assess the effectiveness of team work.

To make this initiative to yield positive results, we request you to give open, honest, and objective feedback to the survey questionnaire.

There are 12 Questions, which would approximately take 15 mins of your precious time.

This survey is open for 7 days from today.

Kindly participate in this survey.

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